"The job is really great. I should have been doing this sort of teaching years ago. I absolutely love it and the course books are well designed. I do feel that I am improving my teaching and on the personal side the students are fun to teach.
I have to say, speaking with others who teach (and I've now spoken to a lot), like-for-like Shane seems to be one of - if not the - best gig around, money and holiday-wise. I'm really happy there. ." 

Tom, arrived in Japan March 2018

Teach English In Japan

Are you looking for a varied teaching schedule, a supportive academic environment, a great cultural experience and good pay and conditions? Japan could be just right for you. TEFL In Japan fills teaching jobs in Japan and is the main UK recruiter for Shane English School, a well-established school in Tokyo and the surrounding areas. ​The Shane schools n Japan were bought a few years ago by a Japanese educational company and have no connection with Shane schools in other countries.

​TEFL In Japan is a specialist EFL recruiter. If you want to teach English in Japan we are your first port of call. We only send teachers to Japan so we won’t try to persuade you to go somewhere else! We know and love the country and are lucky enough to visit Japan regularly to catch up with teachers who got their job through us. They usually enjoy their time there, with the average stay for a teacher at the moment being over 3 years.